“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

~ Joseph Pilates

Soma Potential is a somatic movement and physical therapy space that offers a holistic approach to healing, training and wellness. What makes Soma Potential unique from a traditional physical therapy clinic is the integration of somatic movement education and therapy.

Somatics is a discipline that encompasses movement studies and body work, focusing on the internal sensation and perception of the moving body. It emphasizes and values embodied knowledge, experiential learning, mind-body integration and mindful movement.

​The staff at Soma Potential believes that all movement is meaningful. Moving expressively is a fundamental component of being human. At Soma Potential, the emphasis in care is the realization of efficient, intentional and desirable movement patterns. We will facilitate your recovery, elevate your performance and augment your own embodied awareness through a multifaceted approach, one that utilizes a knowledge of somatics and pilates as well as traditional manual and therapeutic techniques.

​We treat the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and the whole body, not just body parts. Through holistic healing, we will facilitate true and lasting change in the way you move in the world.